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YoungArts MasterClass Professional Development Videos

We have created professional development videos to help educators teach the lessons and activities from the YoungArts MasterClass study guide. The videos are separated into three sections based on the subject areas of the study guide: Humanities, Math & Science and Visual & Performing Arts…. READ MORE 

Music and Professional Success

What do former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and former chairman of the Federal Reserve Alan Greenspan have in common? Both are trained musicians. Rice is a concert pianist and Greenspan was a professional clarinet and saxophone player. In this op-ed for the New York… READ MORE 

National Survey on Arts Engagement

The National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) recently released preliminary findings from its national survey on Americans’ engagement level with the arts. The study, Survey of Public Participation in the Arts (SPPA), looks at how adults (18 years and older) in America engage with the… READ MORE 

2013 Presidential Scholars in the Arts

One of the primary functions of the National YoungArts Foundation, in addition to nurturing the next generation of artistic talent, is selecting the U.S. Presidential Scholars in the Arts, an annual award granted to deserving high school artistic talents. Commissioned by the U.S. President, the… READ MORE 

New Season of YoungArts’ MasterClass

The third season of YoungArts’ MasterClass will debut next week on HBO. The Emmy nominated show will feature jazz great Wynton Marsalis mentoring aspiring young musicians selected by the National YoungArts Foundation. In the episode, the young musicians, saxophonist Patrick Bartley, pianist Tony Madruga and… READ MORE 

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