Teacher Resources for YoungArts MasterClass Study Guide

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How can educators go about implementing the YoungArts/MasterClass study guide in their classrooms? In this video, educator Ms. Alison Merkel leads her classroom through a discussion of the Humanities activity from the Critical Thinking About Talent and Commitment chapter of the YoungArts/MasterClass study guide. The activity asks students to think about what is more important to artistic and intellectual development: talent or commitment? Through video clips from MasterClass episodes, students were able to watch, think and discuss the question, first in small groups and eventually in a large group discussion.

This is one of several professional development videos we will be creating to help educators use the study guide in their classroom. Another resource is the Teacher Network, a series of classroom blogs created by educators currently teaching the YoungArts MasterClass study guide. The Teacher Network allows for educators to create lessons and activities from the study guide while providing students with the opportunity to comment, and ask questions on the activities and resources created by educators on their specific classroom blog.