Message From YoungArts

Our age of educational accountability has created classrooms where our students’ time is increasingly spent preparing for standardized assessments. Quite often our students, when they receive a written assignment, ask for help from a special service like in order to spend more time realizing their creative skills and abilities. To ensure the scope of the classroom experience is not limited to focusing on test taking, educators are working hard to find ways to foster creative instincts and provide students opportunities to pursue their passions.

Understanding the need for this type of learning and exploration, YoungArts supports and develops the nation’s most talented young artists in the visual, literary and performing arts.  Our program is based both in recognition and experience with artists and mentors who can teach and change lives as well as encourage the development of higher level thinking skills needed for a complete education.  YoungArts’ MasterClass series captures those kinds of inspirational moments between young artists and the masters who mentor them.

With the intent to give more students access to these types of experiences and instill a greater appreciation for creativity and the arts, we have developed a study guide to accompany the series. Pursuing Your Passion: Lessons from YoungArts’ MasterClass empowers educators across the country to use arts-inspired materials to build lessons in all academic disciplines. Through the lens of YoungArts’ MasterClass episodes, educators in every middle and high school classroom can encourage their students to explore their potential while they develop 21st Century higher level thinking skills including creativity, collaboration, critical thinking and communication. With the materials available in the study guide kit and resources on this site, educators can learn, explore, exchange ideas and expand their teaching skills to include active learning that uses the arts and creativity as a platform for the exploration of other subject matter.

YoungArts is the signature national organization that identifies, recognizes and supports America’s most outstanding emerging young artists and assists them at critical junctures in their educational and professional development, in turn raising the appreciation for, and support of, the arts in American society.  To that end, we offer educators around the country this standards-based teaching tool in hopes of nurturing an appreciation for the arts and creativity and giving every student a chance to purse their passion.

We are confident that the study guide and this website are helpful tools and will provide meaningful teaching experiences, and we look forward to your feedback.

Paul T. Lehr

Executive Director